Private Turkish universities are distinguished and preferred universities for many students from around the world who want to study abroad. One of the most important advantages is that it does not require any admission tests. It accepts a secondary school diploma (baccalaureate or induction) to apply.
The private Turkish universities occupy a high ranking among the universities in the world according to the available fields of study. The course is available in English or Turkish according to the student’s desire. Most of the Turkish universities adopt English as the first language of the university.
Education Meydani ensures that you will receive special discounts from the amount of tuition fees ranging from 25% to 75% at the best private universities in Turkey in both Istanbul and Turkish Cyprus.
Education Meydani also completes all students’ procedures in terms of registration and help them to reach their seat at the university without any fee.
Note: Private Turkish universities do not require any support for capacity tests such as the ellipse test or SAT.


Tuition Fees: We do not charge any fees for applying in Turkish universities. We obtain university admission for free. All financial matters are made directly between the student and the university. The tuition fees and expenses are transferred directly from the student’s bank account to the university or by paying tuition fees cash at the University.