The island of Cyprus is characterized by its beautiful beaches and clear waters, as well as its mild climate, calmness and self-comfort, as well as the magnificent scenery of the high elevations bordering the north and south, so it is a leading destination for visitors from around the world. Turkish Cyprus is a mixture of Turkish and Greek culture that has been extended throughout the ages so residents enjoy the diverse mix of culture and civilization as well as the large proportion of foreign visitors who contribute significantly to the weight of this mix.


Cost of living and housing in Turkish Cyprus

On the one hand, the cost of accommodation and food in Cyprus is not high, and on the other hand, the costs of electricity, water and Internet services are somewhat high.

The average cost of accommodation ranges from € 150 to € 250 per month, which varies depending on the accommodation of your choice.

The cost of transportation may be low if you choose to live in the student housing of the university where you study. The universities in Turkish Cyprus also offer free buses for students at different times to suit everyone.


Accommodation in Turkish Cyprus

You can obtain a residence in Turkish Cyprus immediately after obtaining university admission and proof of payment of the university’s quarterly stipend, and you must be on Cyprus.


Health Insurance

Most universities in Cyprus offer medical services to students through the campus dispensary at each university. On the other hand, Cyprus universities contract with insurance companies at limited prices, offer students discounted health insurance and provide comprehensive health care for students.