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Our Services

University admission Services

  • Providing admissions in private universities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus with discounts up to 75%, without charge for service.

Student Services

  • Reception from the
  • Extraction of resident papers
  • Securing suitable accommodation
  • Bank account Opening
  • Equivalence of certificates

Turkish Language Institutes

  • TOMER institute
    The TOMER Certificate in Turkish is compared by TOEFL in the English language. The Turkish language is taught by specialists in a group of 7-16 people. It is based on the development of four skills in parallel (reading, writing, conversation, listening) Available in all its forms, such as television, projection devices and computers.
    The teaching book is the powerful HİTİ series, and all the teachers who work at TOMER are graduates of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Linguistics. This is the best institute for teaching Turkish language to foreigners accredited by the University of Ankara.
    There are courses throughout the year in the morning and evening, and if you register in one of the centers and fix the registrationby paying fee for the first course, the center provides you with an acceptance card that can help you in obtaining your visa at diplomatic missions in your country. and after you reach to Istanbul will provide you the student’s official paper through which you can extract the student’s residence.
    TOMER institute is considered an accredited center for conducting the recognized TOMER exam in all Turkish universities